The first AI for transcreation of marketing assets

Audience Targeting

Jaga makes content resonate with the target audience by taking into account cultural differences.


Keep content always on-brand

Jaga transcreates content while preserving your brand's intent, tone, and identity.

Brand voice

by channel

It takes into consideration the channel being advertised on to comply with the platform’s policies.


AI-powered quality reviews & recommendations

Jaga automatically provides quality reviews together with actionable recommendations to power-up your content.



Context-aware translations

Jaga absorbs the context of the content being translated, and takes into consideration multiple variables to provide high-performance translations, even for very technical industries.




Of the time Native Speakers prefer Jaga's translations to those from traditional translation engines.


Time reduction

- 75%

Reduction in time costs for the translation process using Jaga's suite of products




Of Jaga's transcreations do not need additional changes according to Native Speakers

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Jaga.

What is Jaga?
Jaga is the first translation engine optimized for advertising. It takes into consideration the nuances of every market to adapt the original message and ensure high performing results.
How does Jaga's AI-powered transcreation differ from traditional translation services?
Jaga's transcreation technology goes beyond mere translation. It adapts the content to ensure it resonates with the cultural and contextual nuances of the target market, making your message effective and engaging across different languages and regions.
Can I use Jaga for translating and adapting my advertising content for multiple markets?
Absolutely! Jaga is designed to handle multi-market campaigns. It not only translates, but also adapts your advertising content to meet the specific cultural and market demands, ensuring consistency and relevancy across all markets.
How does Jaga ensure the accuracy and quality of the transcreated content?
Jaga employs ML-based algorithms along with a rigorous quality review process to ensure the highest accuracy and quality in transcreation. It is designed to preserve the original intent, style, tone, and context of your message while making it relevant for the target audience.
How does Jaga maintain my brand's voice during transcreation?
Jaga is engineered to ensure that your brand's unique voice is retained and resonates across all languages and markets. Through its advanced, state-of-the-art GenAI models, it understands and adapts your brand’s tone, style, and messaging while ensuring cultural relevancy in the transcreated content.

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