Why former Googlers got together to help businesses reach new audiences

August 4, 2023

What happens when two former Googlers pool their many years of experience in multicultural marketing? They disrupt ad campaign translations with the first AI-powered.

Through their work at the tech giant, Diego Antista and Juan Fusoni quickly recognized the need for accurate and culturally sensitive marketing translations that capture the essence of the message and the brand’s DNA. With their years of experience in multicultural marketing and knowledge of Google's best practices, they came together to create GetGloby, a powerful platform that taps into the power of transcreation to create accurate and resonant multicultural marketing materials.

GetGloby's transcreation tool goes beyond simple language translation by taking into account the nuances in different languages and cultures while maintaining the original essence of the message. The platform is designed to help marketers reach new audiences worldwide by tailoring their messaging to the specific needs of the target market.

Rooted in smart tech

One of the key features of our transcreation tool is its advanced language modeling. Ads have marketing-specific and technical terms that need to be captured by more advanced language. The platform tailors messaging to marketers using key advertising language, achieving more effective results than traditional translation methods.

We also ensure compliance with Google Ads Best Practices in terms of character counts, SEO, and messaging parameters. This guarantees that the marketing campaigns are not only culturally sensitive, but also meet the technical requirements needed to achieve optimal performance.

Speaking of performance, our transcreation tool tracks different search term trends in different markets and uses keywords that people are actually using in their searches. This ensures that the campaign is not only linguistically correct, but also uses the highest-performing keywords to achieve the best results.

Experience that matters

The fact that GetGloby was founded by former Google employees with years of experience in multicultural marketing and expertise in Google's best practices is significant. This background gives them a unique perspective on the challenges facing businesses looking to expand their reach to new markets. It also gives them a deep understanding of the technical requirements needed for effective marketing campaigns. Furthermore, GetGloby's team extends beyond language and culture. Our team of software engineers and data scientists make the most of AI-powered tools to achieve optimal results.

With GetGloby, the concept of “lost in translation” is a thing of the past when it comes to adapting your business’ ad campaigns for global audiences. By seeing a need and filling it, our founders developed a groundbreaking tool that helps marketers truly cross borders.

Open the door to new markets

True to their spirit of innovation, GetGloby’s founders transformed their frustration with the inaccuracies of automated language translation services into a market-pioneering solution that empowers businesses to expand their reach beyond their border.

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