Transcreation at Its Best: 8 Ways GetGloby Can Help You Reach Global Audiences

August 4, 2023

Are you struggling to create effective multicultural marketing campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences? GetGloby is the answer you’ve been looking for! Our innovative platform is designed to help businesses transcreate their Google Ads campaigns into more than 100 languages, reaching new audiences and expanding their business in global markets.

Let’s get straight to the point: GetGloby is not just any translation service. We use the power of transcreation to ensure that the essence and tone of your business’s original ad campaign is maintained while adapting content to resonate with each specific market anywhere in the world. Here’s how we do it, and how our tool benefits you.

Transcreation: The Key to Successful Multicultural Marketing

Transcreation is the process of adapting content from one language to another while maintaining the essence and tone of the original language. It goes beyond traditional translation, taking into account cultural nuances and idioms to ensure that the message resonates with the target audience. GetGloby uses transcreation to help businesses create effective multicultural marketing campaigns that connect with diverse audiences in global markets.

Target New Audiences

GetGloby is the ultimate platform for businesses looking to target new audiences around the world. Our platform allows businesses to transcreate their Google Ads campaigns in more than 100 languages, ensuring that the message connects with consumers in each market. This helps businesses expand their reach and tap into new sources of revenue.


When it comes down to it, the metrics are what matter. Ads that are transcreated with GetGloby get more clicks and interactions than those with traditional translations because they are made to be more accurate and more relevant. Higher interaction rate means a better message was transcreated and has reached new audiences. It’s that simple.

Designed by and for Marketers

GetGloby's platform is designed with marketers in mind. In a sense, we “speak their language” because we carefully evaluate the needs of marketers, and the kinds of terms people are searching for. Our platform tracks browsing trends and suggests keywords to make the ads and calls-to-action more relevant and appealing to people seeking products or services. This ensures that your transcreated campaigns meet the needs of your target audience and deliver the highest engagement rates possible.

Save Time and Money

GetGloby's platform makes it easy for businesses to transcreate their Google Ads campaigns in a matter of minutes. Our flat fee model ensures that businesses can transcreate campaigns of any size without worrying about costs. This makes GetGloby a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to expand their reach in global markets.

Our Tech Advantage

GetGloby uses artificial intelligence, complex linguistic algorithms, and monitors search trends to deliver accurate, high-performing transcreations. Our proprietary technology uses machine learning and natural language processing capabilities with GPT-3 to create Jaga®, the first translation engine developed specifically for media purposes. This ensures that businesses get the most accurate and effective transcreations possible, allowing them to connect with diverse audiences in global markets.

Linguistic Expertise

GetGloby's senior-level team of linguistic experts continuously works to improve the translation engine. They work with clients to check the quality of their campaign translations and perform case-by-case studies of errors. They also develop tools to fix and prevent such errors in the future, ensuring that our platform delivers the highest quality transcreations every time.

Ease of Use

GetGloby's platform is easy to use, allowing businesses to connect their Google Ads account and seamlessly transcreate campaigns in just a few minutes. Our platform takes care of making sure your transcreated campaigns meet character limits and include the highest performing search terms or queries in each region. This saves businesses time and effort and ensures that their campaigns meet the requirements set by Google.

There is no question that businesses today need to create effective multicultural marketing campaigns that resonate with a wide variety of audiences. GetGloby is the ideal partner for businesses looking to expand their reach beyond their borders. So why settle for traditional translation services when you can team up with GetGloby and take your global marketing efforts to the next level? See for yourself how GetGloby can help you connect with audiences in new markets and expand your business globally. With our platform, you can reach new customers and tap into new sources of revenue, all while saving time and money on your multicultural marketing campaigns.

Unlock the World: Go Multicultural with GetGloby's Transcreation Expertise

Is your business ready to cross borders? We certainly think so. That’s why we’re here to support your multicultural marketing efforts with our transcreation expertise, cutting-edge technology, and linguistic expertise, so you can create effective campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences worldwide and unlock new sources of revenue for your business.

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