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August 4, 2023

GetGloby is a global platform, but it was specifically designed for three groups of people.


Our founders, Diego Antista and Juan Fusoni, have decades of expertise in multicultural marketing, so they have a deep understanding of the kind of platforms advertisers need. While other translation engines produce translations for everyday communications like emails, simply swapping one word in a language for the closest word in another, GetGloby is a transcreation platform that captures the nuance of each message and carries it across more than 100 languages. The platform also accounts for technical constraints that advertisers are faced with, such as character limits set by Google Ads and the need to incorporate terms with high search traffic, automatically adapting campaigns to meet both requirements.

Businesses of All Sizes

GetGloby is a perfect transcreation platform for both big and small companies (and anyone in between!). Our prices reflect the size of your company, but never the size of your campaigns. We don’t charge by the number of words, so small businesses can still expand their brand and launch in new places without the burden of extra fees. Meanwhile, big companies with large campaigns across the globe can feel confident working with GetGloby because our platform can handle campaigns of any volume. With a turnaround of two business days and flat fees, businesses of all sizes save time and money when they use GetGloby to reach new audiences.


The people who benefit most when brands use GetGloby, are the people doing the browsing. Many global campaigns are in English, and search ads that are translated through traditional agencies or engines often fall short. This leaves the user unable to grasp the full message. Meanwhile, the message they do receive is that these advertisers don’t care to truly connect with their audiences. GetGloby was built to bring meaningful, accurate translations to the final user so that language isn’t a barrier that stops people from accessing the best answers, products, and services related to their query.

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