Visual Designer

We are looking for a full-time remote Visual Designer to create and design engaging graphics, marketing assets, and web designs. This role involves maintaining the brand identity and ensuring the effective communication of GetGloby's visual message to its audience.

Who you'll work closely with

Joel Gutierrez

Lead product designer

Juan Fusoni


Diego Antista


Carelí Sapino

Jr. UI Designer

About the company

GetGloby helps advertisers reach global audiences by automatically transcreating their campaigns into more than 100 languages. Using a combination of NLP, machine learning, and rule-based algorithms, we aim to create meaningful, location aware messages that reach customers around the world. Our platform integrates with multiple digital advertising networks to give our users seamless access to new markets.

What You'll Be Doing

  • Designing and creating visually appealing graphics for various digital platforms.
  • Developing and maintaining GetGloby's brand identity across all marketing materials.
  • Collaborating with the marketing and product teams on a range of creative projects.
  • Implementing design strategies to effectively communicate the company's message to its target audience.
  • Participating in brainstorming sessions to generate innovative design ideas.
  • Ensuring consistency in visual elements across all digital and print media.
  • Utilizing design software like Figma and Adobe Creative Suite for crafting designs.
  • Assisting in the creation and execution of marketing campaigns and advertising materials.
  • Providing input on web design elements to enhance the user experience.
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest design trends and technologies.


  • Profound knowledge of visual design principles and practices.
  • Proficiency in design software, including Figma and Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Experience in branding and graphic design.
  • Skills in web design and understanding of user experience.
  • Proven track record with digital marketing and social media advertising.
  • Strong portfolio showcasing diverse design projects.
  • Conversational proficiency in English.
  • Excellent communication and time-management skills.

Bonus qualifications

  • Advanced proficiency in additional languages beyond English.
  • Experience with motion graphics and video editing.
  • Knowledge of HTML/CSS and basic web development.
  • Experience with user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design.
  • Familiarity with content management systems (CMS) like WordPress.
  • Background in AI technology or working in tech-driven environments.
  • Experience with cross-cultural design practices, catering to a global audience.
  • Skills in illustration or other creative arts that can complement design work.
  • Proven ability to work effectively in a fully remote and diverse team.
  • Certifications or additional training in graphic design, digital marketing, or related fields.
  • A bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, Visual Communication, or a related field (preferred).
  • Experience in marketing, advertising, or translation industries is a plus.

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