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Enhance Your Translations with

AI technology

Kickstart your new translation project with our cutting-edge AI technology.

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Brand voice

Keep your brand’s voice consistent across all languages, preserving your unique identity and tone.

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Asset type

Need an ad campaign video translated? From voice overs to images, we handle all asset types.

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We adapt our translations to fit the cultural and regional nuances of any language perfectly.

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Integrate your company’s glossary to maintain consistency and accuracy in the terminology used across all translations.

Text translator GetGloby
Text translator GetGloby

Unmatched Accuracy with

Native speakers

Perfect your translations with the expertise of native speakers.

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Premium translators

Access a network of premium certified native translators from over 100 countries. Our experts bring extensive experience and a proven track record working.

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Flexible TAT

Select from a range of turnaround options, with urgent translations in 3 hours or standard delivery in 12, 24, 48, or 72 hours to suit your needs.

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Dedicated team

Benefit from client-based dedicated teams that ensure consistent, high-quality translations tailored to your specific requirements.

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AI check

The blend of AI and native speaker review ensures top quality. AI checks offer speed, while expert supervision guarantees attention to cultural relevance.

Translate all your assets

Achieve accurate, contextually relevant translations in seconds, ensuring your content is audience-ready.

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Translate your documents effortlessly. Achieve accurate, contextually relevant translations in seconds, ensuring your content is ready for a worldwide audience.

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Google Ads

Optimize your ad campaigns with precise and quick translations. Ensure your ads resonate with your target audience for better engagement and higher conversions.

Marketing assets

Easily translate all your marketing assets. AI ensures your brochures, social media content, and more maintain your brand voice and adhere to character limits.


Add accurate subtitles and captions to your videos. AI processes your video content swiftly, providing precise and culturally relevant translations efficiently.


Ensure your captions are accurate and engaging. AI translates captions precisely, making your video content accessible to an even more diverse and expansive audience.

Bastian Henriquez

“After launch translated ads, we saw immediate results in ad rank, interaction rate, and optimization score. Even our smaller campaigns outperformed expectations.”

Bastián Henriquez, Marketing & Digital Sales

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the service.

What is GetGloby and what services does it offer?
GetGloby is a top-tier translation service that uses advanced AI technology combined with expert human translators to deliver precise, culturally relevant translations for any type of asset. We specialize in AI-powered translations, native speaker reviews, localization, transcreation, document translation, marketing content translation, and video captioning, ensuring your content is accurate and resonates with your target audience.
What are translation, localization, and transcreation?
Translation is the process of converting text from one language to another while maintaining the original meaning. Localization goes a step further by adapting the content to fit the cultural and linguistic context of a specific region. Transcreation is a creative process that maintains the original content’s intent, style, and emotional impact, ensuring it resonates with the target audience. All these services are possible with GetGloby.
How does GetGloby’s technology work?
GetGloby integrates advanced AI technology in all its processes to ensure fast and accurate translations. Our AI initially translates your content, and you have the option to include a human review by native speakers for enhanced cultural and contextual accuracy. Alternatively, you can opt for a full human translation for the highest level of precision. This hybrid approach, utilizing AI at every step, guarantees high-quality translations that are both efficient and reliable. The entire process is streamlined through our user-friendly platform, making it easy to upload your assets and receive polished translations swiftly.
Why should I choose GetGloby for my translation needs?
GetGloby offers a unique blend of advanced AI technology and human expertise to provide translations that are quick, accurate, and culturally relevant. Our platform is user-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. Whether you need AI-powered translations, human reviews, or full human translations, GetGloby guarantees high-quality results tailored to your specific needs. With competitive pricing and a commitment to excellence, we are the ideal choice for all your translation needs.
Can GetGloby handle specialized or technical translations?
Absolutely. GetGloby is equipped to handle specialized and technical translations across various fields. Our advanced AI technology ensures precise initial translations, while our expert human translators refine the content to maintain technical accuracy and industry-specific terminology. Whether it’s legal documents, medical reports, or technical manuals, GetGloby provides accurate and reliable translations tailored to your specialized needs.
How fast can I get my translations?
With GetGloby, you can generate translations instantly using our advanced AI technology. For tasks requiring human translator services, we ensure a swift turnaround time, delivering high-quality translations promptly. Whether you need quick AI-generated translations or the precision of human translators, GetGloby provides fast and reliable results.
What languages does GetGloby support?
GetGloby supports translations in more than 100 languages and offers localization services for any country around the world. Our extensive language support ensures that you can reach a truly global audience, with translations that are culturally and contextually relevant. Whether you need translations for widely spoken languages or more specialized ones, GetGloby has you covered.
What is the difference between AI-powered translation and native speaker review?
AI-powered translation uses advanced algorithms to quickly and accurately translate your content, ensuring it is contextually accurate. Native speaker review involves human experts who further refine these translations to ensure they are culturally appropriate and of the highest quality. This powerful combination ensures you get the best of both worlds: the unparalleled speed and efficiency of AI, enhanced by the meticulous, culturally aware, and exceptionally high standards of native speakers.

Experience the perfect blend of AI and human expertise