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GetGloby translates marketing assets & campaigns ads into +100 languages, leveraging AI technology to customize the translations according to your company's brand voice.

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Our stunning translation engine

We are proud to introduce our cutting-edge technology that combines machine translation with advanced transcreation capabilities.

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Reaching worldwide audiences was never easier

Create your brand voice and get tailor-made translations

Understanding your unique and consistent brand voice, Getgloby will create a stronger connection with your target audience across different languages and cultures.

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Quality certified by Native Reviewers

GetGloby native human reviewers will bring their linguistic expertise and cultural insights to ensure the translations meet the highest standards of accuracy and fluency.

Translate your marketing assets & campaign ads

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“We reduced our costs and implementation time dramatically while getting more qualified conversions”

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the service.

What is GetGloby and what services does it offer?
GetGloby is a cutting-edge SaaS platform designed to empower businesses with the ability to effectively bridge language and cultural gaps in their global marketing endeavors. Our platform harnesses the power of AI technology to offer a comprehensive suite of translation and customization services that enable your brand to resonate seamlessly with audiences across 100+ languages.
What is transcreation?
GetGloby is built on the knowledge that businesses need more than a traditional translation to effectively expand into new markets. A translation uses the one-to-one model, simply swapping a word in one language to the closest word in another. Transcreation takes this a step further, considering the nuances of each language while maintaining the essence and tone of the original language.
How does GetGloby’s technology work?
GetGloby's proprietary technology uses artificial intelligence, complex linguistic algorithms, and monitors search trends to bring you the most accurate, highest performing transcreations. Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing with GPT-3 were combined to create Jaga®, the first translation engine developed for media purposes. That’s our best reassured secret.

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